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AXA Home Security

AXA HomeSecurity is a Polish manufacturer with over 25 years of experience, strong reputation and international support in product development. Over the years of our activity we have developed a strong position in the field of burglary protection, at the same time letting ourselves be known as a trusted and flexible partner.

As a professional in your industry you are looking for good, fast and reliable solutions. We, as specialists with experience in the field of door security, provide you with these solutions. A team of specialists develops, produces and launches AXA quality products every day. We make sure that this quality is synonymous with a product for years.  

Our quality is reflected in the materials used, the finish and the service life of the products. But it is also reflected in timely delivery, extensive technical documentation, marketing communication and expertise that can be found in our employees.

Safety is a priority at AXA. An important part of the range is burglar-proof products that not only increase the feeling of safety in and around the home, but also guarantee a safe way of use, operation and installation.

The comfort of AXA products is important to us for both end customers and professional installers. We know that the quality of a product is often determined by its correct installation, so we attach particular importance to the clarity and intuitiveness of our installation instructions and additional, standardized fastening materials, which guarantees fast and trouble-free installation.

New quality of AXA trims

Quicker, faster and more reliable.

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One colour concept

See what the AXA One Colour Concept is all about.

Match all fittings and accessories and enjoy a consistent door look.

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