Axa Stenman Poland Sp. z o.o. is a Polish branch of an international manufacturer of door fittings and bicycle protection. The company has 3 branches in Europe and its beginnings date back to 1902 Nederland. It is there where the company's headquarter is located to this day and the AXA brand is a leader on the market of bicycle locks and accessories for years. 

The company has been operating on the domestic market for over 25 years. We started in Siewierz, where the company successfully operated until mid-2018. During this time, we have developed a strong position in the domestic joinery market, letting our customers know us as a reliable and trusted partner.

 AXA's potential led to the purchase of the company by a leading global supplier of security products and solutions - American corporation Allegion, plc - in 2015. In response to the dynamic growth of the company, it was decided to build a specialized production plant in Zawiercie, where from the second half of 2018 we are successfully enriching production with new lines.

Check building process of powder painting line in our factory

The leading position on the market of external door hardware manufacturers makes us set the bar higher and higher. We design and manufacture fittings from scratch in Poland, from full aluminium profiles, coloring using the most modern techniques and anodizing lines. Working in an international environment and access to a wide range of products allows us to meet the expectations of architects and developers, as well as to respond to the exceptional needs of our customers.

Below process of building modern anodizing line in AXA factory

Thanks to the production plant located in Poland, the company has a flexible approach to the execution of orders, as well as independent supervision over quality issues. This is facilitated by modern techniques and a laboratory created in the new factory. Corporate social responsibility is manifested in a responsible approach to environmental issues, as f.e by our own sewage treatment plant, as well as fruitful cooperation with the local community - under our patronage is Kindergarten No. 8 in Zawiercie.

The knowledge and experience of the staff, who have been at AXA from the beginning, are combined with the modern approach of younger employees and innovative systems of production and people management. One thing that hasn't changed over the years is the never-ending concern for customer satisfaction. We have the privilege and honor of working with some of you for many years, and hope for many more.