New quality of AXA trims

Handle integrated with trim plate.

The new version of the integrated AXA fittings offers fast installation, high quality and reliability. The product is a perfect solution for both private interiors and heavy traffic areas.

An integrated handle means that it is faster, easier and more reliable. The elimination of the setting screw makes the solution more reliable - the lack of broom in combination with the high quality of the materials used make the AXA integrated handle the perfect solution for heavy traffic rooms and areas.

Watch the animation and find out how easy and fast assembly is

Integrated handles offer

AXA offers a wide range of integrated handles (Premium Serie). You will find them in our offer both among classless handles and in safety class 3, showing - according to PN-EN 1906 standard - very high burglary resistance. They are available with and without cylinder protection, as well as with knob/pusher or handle options. The offer includes both handles on a long plates as well as on split rosettes, which allows to adjust them to any interior. The assortment is available in 6 colours.

Premium classless fittings
Premium class 3 fittings on long plates
Premium class 3 fittings on rosettes

Thanks to the production plant located in Poland, the company has a flexible approach to the execution of orders, as well as independent supervision over quality issues. This care is also manifested in a responsible approach to intellectual property, which is manifested by reserving its own designs, forms and solutions. The Fast Premium model has a protected shape of the handle, whose design meets with great interest of customers. Mentioned flexibility of production also lies in the fact that the unique handle can be used with any fitting model from the company's offer.

With the requirements of modern construction, which is often an attempt to reconcile original architectural visions and developer possibilities, AXA Home Security's offer stands out positively. The proof of this is the presence of AXA fittings in many realizations of renowned studios, such as the Rajska 8 apartment complex in Gdańsk designed by JEMS Architects.