AXA Titan® The new generation of hinges

With the introduction of the AXA Titan, a new generation of hinges is created for the professional. 

Thanks to the unique patented design and patented method of securing, only 3 hinges are sufficient to achieve the SKG *** certificate and in addition to that, an extremely high bearing capacity of 180 kg. In this way the AXA Titan combines safety, durability and design in one.

Extremely high load capacity
The AXA Titan has a load capacity of 180 kg with only 3 hinges per door! Due to the double rolling of the knuckles, the Titan has a high strength in both vertical and lateral direction. If a door closer or door stopper is used and the maximum load of 180 kg is not exceeded, only 3 hinges are required

Highest security
The AXA Titan comprises a newly developed locking system using an integrated anti-theft hinge pin.
By applying this locking system, the AXA Titan has achieved a SKG *** certification with just three hinges per door.
The hinge also meets the requirements in accordance with the Police Quality mark Safe Living.

We did think about everything

The AXA Titan has been developed in consultation with the carpentry industry and is characterised by the time saved during the preparation of the door and frame. because only 3 hinges are needed.

The total thickness of the AXA Titan is 8 mm, making it fit in the same infill as an 89 x 89 x 3 mm hinge.

No anti theft pen needed
By omitting the anti-theft pin, time gains arise when preparing the frame. For example, there is no need to make a recess in the frame for a anti-theft pin[. Due to the absence of this recess, lacquering is easier and wood rot is prevented

Low maintanance
By using the unique bearing combination, the hinge is low-maintenance. The steel hinge is galvanised and treated with Topcoat®, making it resistant to weathering.
As there is no need for a recess for an anti-theft pin, there is less chance of dirt and moisture accumulation, meaning a longer product lifetime can be expected.

Performance NEN-EN 1935 & NEN 5096
Safety hinges comply well with the CE requirements according to NEN-EN 1935 and are SKG certified for Resistance Class 3 in accordance with the requirements of the NEN 5096 of the Construction decree for doors.

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