Guarantee conditions

10 year warranty

The product's user must direct any complaints and/or claims in writing to the point of sale where the product was purchased.

AXA Stenman Nederland BV gives the end user a ten-year guarantee. The guarantee only applies to products sold with the AXA trademark. The guarantee applies exclusively to manufacturing faults, which are the responsibility of AXA. Parts subject to wear fall outside the guarantee, along with complaints arising from incorrect or lack of maintenance, the use of the wrong cleaning materials, incorrect installation or improper use.

The end user must show beforehand that the purchasing date falls within the guarantee period in the case of a claim on the guarantee. The AXA service department will then assess the complaint. When repairs at or a visit to the location are required, a service technician or fitter will be called in and an appointment will be made.

If, at the location, our service technician determines that the complaint is ungrounded, call out fees will be charged to the person making the complaint.

In all cases claims on the guarantee can only be made prior to the repairs.

No good, money back guarantee

As producers of high quality door and window furniture, AXA delivers products of top quality. We fully support our products and we trust that our customers will be completely satisfied. That is why we offer the "No good, money back" guarantee on our entire range of AXA products in blister packaging.


The following conditions apply to the “No good, money back” guarantee:

- Applicable only to AXA Home security products in blister packaging which can be recognised by the letters BL in the article number (see back or front of the package).

- The original proof of purchase/receipt must be provided.

- For a period of a maximum of 14 days after the purchase date.

- The product must be complete (including any accompanying attachment materials).

The product must not be damaged by:

- Incorrect installation or improper use

- Incorrect or lack of maintenance

- Use of the wrong cleaning materials

- Other external factors


While taking into account the above conditions, the seller accepts the product and the accompanying (copy of) the proof of purchase/receipt and sends it to their supplier/distributor.

The supplier/distributor sends the seller a new, replacement AXA product by return.

Further settlement will be handled by the supplier/distributor and AXA.