Key service

You can contact us by telephone on +31 (0)318 - 536220

Or via e-mail:

Make sure you have your reference number or your key number handy or quote this in your email.




Please double check that your lock is an AXA or Basta lock. You cannot order Trelock or Abus keys from our website.

If you have an AXA or Basta lock but the key number is not recognized, it may mean there is no key service for your particular lock. There is no key service for the following locks:

AXA Ren Ringlock

AXA Clinch Chain locks

AXA Ferrox Cable Locks

AXA Rigid or Basta CB Cable locks

AXA U-Locks 


You have an AXA or Basta lock including key service, but the number is still not recognized?

Please check your key number is legible. It may well be that the black cover has shifted and is cutting off a digit, or usage may cause you to misread the 0, 8 or 9.

Please check if you ordered a key for the correct bicycle lock and if the key you received has the same key number as the one you ordered.

Is both correct?

Do you have an original key? Please send, if possible, a clear photo of the original key and the key which doesn’t fit.

We kindly ask you to photograph both sides, as well the profile as the key number must be good to read.

Mail this to:

Each key is made based on a specific request. AXA cannot resell keys that have been made to your order. A refund of the purchase price is therefore not possible.

You can contact us by telephone on +31 (0)318 -536220

Or via e-mail:

Make sure you have your reference number or your key number handy or quote this in your email.

Unfortunately there is no warranty on broken keys. Breakage is often due not to the material, but to other external causes. Dropping or knocking the bicycle and bicycle maintenance are key factors here for example.

No, it is only possible to order keys using the key number. The lock number and the key number are not linked, therefore ordering by means of the lock number is not possible.


If you cannot find your question on this list, please send an e-mail to: and we will do our best to answer your question within 24 hours!

Please indicate your reference number.

It could be that you ordered 1 standard key and 1 folding key. They are produced and sent separately, so it is possible that the second key will be delivered soon.

If this is not the case, you can contact us by telephone on +31 (0)318 -536220
Or via e-mail:

The shipping costs are € 1,- per order.

General questions

There is no AXA webshop which is open to visitors on our website. AXA products can only be purchased in bike stores.

Spare keys can be ordered at the AXA Key service. This website can be found via Other questions about the AXA Key service can be found under FAQs - Key service.

  1. How does this work? - You can go back with the defective product and proof of purchase to the retailer where you purchased the product. They assess your complaint and attempt to repair the product, replace or to exchange it for a new product unless they judge the damage is out of warranty.
  2. Who takes care of this? - The retailer from whom you purchased the product.
  3. How long is the warranty? - We offer two years warranty on all AXA products.


Setting a personal code for a Newton lock is explained in the manual which you can find on the product page of the Newton locks with code at our website. Click here to go directly to this manual.

The following accessories are available:

  1. Mounting Plate: For mounting cantilever projections, suitable in combination with each AXA frame lock.
  2. Flexible Fixing: Applicable on any frame, suitable for AXA Defender, Solid Plus AXA and AXA Solid.
  3. Flex Mount: Applicable on any frame, suitable in combination with all AXA frame locks.

The electronic frame locks are currently primarly used by rental and bike sharing companies. This product is not (yet) available for consumers.

We recommend you to use an AXA lock spray regularly, to remove dirt and check the lock on damages.

If a lock is equipped with at least an ART 2 star ranking, it is certified by the Dutch bicycle insurance. The different approvals for insurance companies in other countries are given on the packaging of the locks and on the AXA Bike Security website.


The explanation on how to connect your lighting can be found in the manual.

The explanation of the USB function of your lighting can be found in the included manual. Click here to view the instructions online.

The following accessories are available:

  1. Steady function: This function allows you to have 4 minutes of light when standing still.
  2. Switch function: This function is the on/off switch of your lighting. 
  3. Auto function: This function ensures that your lighting comes on automatically when necessary.

Did you not find what you wanted? Please ask us.