AXA offers the ideal solution for sharing and renting bicycles

Do you want to offer an even more user-friendly experience of your bike rental services to your consumer? Do you want to get rid of your big and, most importantly, very costly infrastructure for your bike rental company? And would you like to have more oversight over your bycicle fleet and never have to worry about lost or broken keys? Then AXA has the solution for your company: the Electronic Framelock.

AXA Bluetooth E-RL:

  • The ideal solution for bike sharing projects or bike rental companies
  • Easy to integrate in present bike sharing systems
  • No need for special (expensive) custum bike
  • Open and close your lock with your smartphone
  • No more hassle with keys
  • 2-year battery life
  • Detection if the lock is closed

AXA Electric Ringlock are available in two versions:

  1. Wired version – open your bike with an RFID chip or card
  2. Bluetooth version – open your bike with an app on your phone