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AXA Bike Security

is inextricably linked to cycling culture. For more than 115 years, the company has made every effort to optimally protect the cyclist and the bike. As a real bike fan, AXA Bike Security knows exactly what cyclists need to safely and confidently take to the road.

Our smart solutions

NEW! AXA Compactline

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- Small and compact
- Powerful from 20 to 35 lux
- Easy to use


AXA Fold

The AXA Fold is a compact folding lock with a modern design and comes with a handy holder.

- Fits all frames
- Scratch resistant
- Compact design

AXA Fold

Linq Pro

The AXA Linq Pro is an extra strong chain ideal for Speed E-bikes

- Strong until the last link
- Perfect as a second lock
- Finished with rubber grips

Linq Pro