AXA Absolute

AXA Absolute

The diameter of AXA Absolute chain range runs from a light 5 mm chain to a 9 mm chain with Sold Secure Gold approval. All chains are suitable for daily use and matches perfectly together thanks to the new and modern design.

They have a length of 90 or 110 cm and are therefore long enough to attach your bike to a post or fence. The chains are made of hardened steel and are resistant to attacks such as cutting and pulling. And not unimportantly: the chains have a strong polyester cover so that the frame of the bicycle does not scratch. The cylinders are protected against moisture and dirt and a number of chains are equipped with a handy click-in function. This means that the key no longer needs to be turned to close the lock.

Secure your bike to the fixed world

The chains are ideal to use as a second lock. Especially for bicycles that are parked for a longer period of time or in a busy place with a large audience.

So park your bike, secure it to a post and make sure you find your bike where you left it.

Our promotional material

We are happy to help you with the sale of the AXA Absolute chains. Below you can download the brochure, product descriptions, product images and social media images that we have created.

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AXA Absolute range