AXA Door security strip

Optimal security and quick mounting

Avoid burglar with a crowbar, credit cards or any of the other current methods. The full range Security Strips provides a solution for any door!

Why choose AXA security strips

- Clear and complete coverage range

- NO one way screws, the screws are always covered and therefore not accessible

- Tested according to latest intrusion methods!

- Through innovative design as strong as steel

AXA door security strip frontdoor

AXA Designline M2

AXA Designline (M2) is characterized by a sleek and slim design. The strips are also easy to be shortened to the desired length.


When the Design Line is assembled, it is almost totally gone within the frame. Because you do not have to use anti-intrusion screws (the one way screws) it's easy to remove the strips.


Because of the clever design, the Design Line can be easily measured in terms of strength and safety in the existing market alternatives. Obviously, the screws are not visible, giving it an even smoother image.

AXA door security strip back door

AXA Desingline M3

The AXA Designline (M3) for rear doors is characterized by a sleek design. The strips are designed for rear doors with a back position between 0 and 25 mm.

Unique cover strip!

A unique feature is the manner in which the screws are covered. This is done by means of an aluminum cover strip, which after assembly is slid from the side over the screws.


In contrast to other alternatives in the market, you never need to lift the door from the door frame to slide in a cover strip there from below or above.