Guarantee conditions for entrepreneurs

Axa Stenman Poland sp. z o.o., as a manufacturer, guarantees, under the conditions presented below, durability of properly used fittings together with the manufacturer's legal liability for material defects.

This warranty is valid on the territory of the Republic of Poland and applies to the functioning of door fittings and covers all defects caused by their defective construction or material defects:

  • functioning of the hardware
  • the durability of the anodised surface

Exclusions from warranty:

All replacement parts such as screws, fasteners, bearings etc. are not covered by the warranty.

In addition, the manufacturer is not liable for damages resulting from this:

  • improper and improper use or carelessness of the user,
  • natural wear and tear of the product (e.g. bearings),
  • incorrect or negligent handling, consequential defects
  • poor product protection for the duration of construction works,
  • failure to observe the installation instructions or lack of due care in its execution,
  • modifications and repairs by the user or third parties,
  • use inappropriate chemical (cleaning) or physical means (e.g. soiling with mortar, plaster or foam; cleaning with coarse-grained cleaning agents or aggressive chemicals),
  • breaking the information sticker on the inside of the handle,
  • the operation of defective or incorrectly installed door components and/or hardware parts (e.g. locks, hinges, door closers).

Warranty conditions:

Under this guarantee, AXA Stenman Poland undertakes to replace or repair the defective door handle only free of charge, within the guarantee period. The decision as to the way of dealing with the complaint remains at the discretion of AXA Stenman Poland. Replacement or repair of the goods will take place within 14 days from the date of delivery to AXA Stenman Poland.

The costs of delivering the replaced or repaired goods to the beneficiary of this guarantee shall be borne by AXA Stenman Poland. Claims under this guarantee will be considered only upon presentation of the product.

In case of replacing the defective product with a new one, the beneficiary of this guarantee is obliged to return the defective product upon receipt of defect-free goods.

In case of a complaint, the beneficiary of this guarantee presents a detailed description of the failure or damage and the warranty rights. AXA Stenman Poland may ask the beneficiary of this guarantee for more information about the product before deciding whether the complaint is justified.

Warranty period:

The warranty period for the functioning of the hardware is

  • 10 years for handles and rosettes in security class 3 PREMIUM and FLEX,
  • 5 years for handles and rosettes in safety class 3 STANDARD and FIX
  • 2 years for other aluminium fittings

and starts from the date of purchase.

The warranty period for the durability of the anodized surface is 5 years.

Any complaints should be addressed to the retailer, delivering the defective product. It is the responsibility of the beneficiary of this warranty to demonstrate that the warranty is valid and that the warranty has not yet expired (e.g. by submitting a purchase document). The item complained about must be delivered to the seller's premises.

Applicable law:

This warranty is governed by Polish law and any disputes arising out of it shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Polish courts.

This warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer arising from the non-conformity of the goods with the contract.