AXA Toucan

For anyone who doesn't want a lock on their bike

New in the range

The AXA Toucan has been specially designed for cool city bikes. A standard lock does not look good on a trendy bike. AXA has the solution for these bikes, the AXA Toucan. A lock that delivers what it promises: a quality product that secures your bike, but one that has a contemporary design.

A better choice for 5 reasons

  • Strong
  • Trendy lock
  • Cool colours
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to carry with you

Watch the product video

Quality and design

The AXA Toucan is of the quality you are used to from AXA. The lock is made from tempered steel and is resistant to cutting and pulling. While designing the lock, the decision was made to make the links in two colours and this gives the lock a cool and contemporary look. The lock is available in two sizes (80 and 120 cm) and is easy to use.

Easy to use

The AXA Toucan is easy to slide in and out of the holder. The lock unfolds smoothly due to the individual links and your bike is easily locked.

A new key can be obtained quickly and safely

Extra keys can be ordered from, via the key service button.

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