AXA Connect

Making cycling smarter

Locking your bike with a traditional lock will always be necessary. In addition to the tried and trusted way, there is now also a smart solution, AXA Connect module. AXA has developed the module in collaboration with Conneqtech. It’s now possible to stay in contact with your bike via your smartphone.

How does it work?

Connected Bike

The AXA Connect app offers various different functions. The Track & Trace function in the app provides the exact location of the bike.

With AXA Alert you can put a virtual fence around the bike using geofencing technology. As soon as the bike is outside that area, is moved or falls over, the owner receives a notification. Furthermore, you’ll get a warning if the bike is travelling faster than 50 km/h. You can assume in that case that the bike has been taken and is being transported on a trailer or in a van.

Besides the bike security options, there are also a number of fun items. The number of kilometres ridden, the number of calories burned and the CO2 emissions savings. These items can all be shared via social media.

With the AXA Family Care you can add bikes from the whole family. The parent will receive a message when the child has arrived safely at school.

Winner Bike Innovation Award 2016

At the beginning of 2016, the first joint project with the AXA Connect module and Sparta was launched and in the course of the year more will follow. We are extremely proud to announce that this project has won the Bike Innovation Award!

The jury particularly praised the connectivity aspect and sees many applications for this innovation in the future. “With this contemporary development, AXA Bike Security has successfully created an online connection between the owner and his bike.


Further development of the module is in full swing. Through the module you are in contact with your customer and there are new opportunities to offer advice and additional services quickly and easily. Like a software update, sent a message that maintenance is required or to offer a bike insurance quote.

Pilot project for bicycle manufacturers

Are you curious and would you like to try out AXA Connect? That's possible! In a pilot project we’ll work with you to explore how best to connect your bike with the module. We could get your pilot project and app live within 2 months. Please contact us on +31(0)318 - 536 222.

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