New! AXA Compactline

‘Small and bright’, this describes the new range of lights of AXA Bike Security the best. This summer AXA will introduce a full range of new lights. This range consists of 2 models of dynamo/E-bike lights and 3 models of USB rechargeable lights.

All front lights are outfitted with our new “Double lens technology”. Allowing to be build even more compact and still have a high lux output (StVZO approved) in combination with a pleasant light distribution when cycling in the dark.

Compactline dynamo

The Dynamo range consists of 2 models, a bright 20 lux version and a powerful 35 lux version. Both models will be available in various different variances to be powered by a dynamo or directly by a 6-12 volt E-bike battery. The Compactline 35 will also come in a steady auto variant, which automatically switches on when it is dark and remains on for 4 minutes when stopped at for example a traffic light.

Compactline USB rechargeable

The Compactline will also come in a handle bar mounted USB version in 20 and 35 lux. These compact and sporty looking lights will have the same design characteristics as their dynamo / E-bike brothers. Which means that they are very small, have round optics and can clearly be seen from the side.

The 20 lux version will have 2 modes allowing you to switch from 10 to 20 lux light output with a battery life up to 12 hours. With the 35 lux version you can switch between 10 and 35 lux and can be used up to 15 hours.

USB rear light

In addition to the front lights a very small rear light will complete the set. This light fits perfectly to the description ‘more with less’. The light has 1 LED and has a battery life up to 10 hours. It can easily be fitted around the seat stay and you can be seen from 300 meters.