AXA Keyservice

Fast and easy a new key

Through the AXA website you can order a spare key for your lock quick and secure.

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AXA Linq and Linq City

Strong until the last link!

This high-quality chain provides (extra) security for your bike.

  • Flexible fastening mechanism
  • Anti drill plate in cylinder
  • Finished with rubber grips
  • Strong protective sleeve

AXA Toucan

Trendy and easy to use

The AXA Toucan has been specially designed for those cool city bikes that cannot be fitted with a standard lock.

  • Contemporary design
  • Cool colours
  • Easy to use
AXA Toucan

AXA Foldable Series

AXA Foldable series combines the best of two worlds

The Foldable Series offers the flexibility of fixing a chain lock to the fixed world, and the easiness of transporting a folding lock in a holder.

  • Nice design and easy to use
  • Light and safe
  • Easy to store
Foldable Series

The new foldable lock is really easy to use and it's very convenient to carry it with my bicycle.

G Dekker